A Reminder to Love with Dr. Jenny Tufenkian ND

6/17/19: Hay Fever & Seasonal Allergies

6/3/19: Thyroid - Part 2

5/20/19: Thyroid - Part I

4/15/19: A Fungus Amongst Us: Strategies for using your oils for microbe protection to address “super-bugs”

4/1/19: Spring Cleaning Your Liver! Easy liver detox using essential oils and yummy foods.

3/18/19: Want to be more effective & efficient in all the things you do? It’s time to stop and smell the Rose oil, baby! with special guest Tricia Radford

3/4/19: Molds and Mycotoxins: Could they be zapping your vitality?

2/18/19: Cultivating a Daily Practice of Self LOVE – with special guest Asha McLaughlin

2/4/19: Immune Boost: How to handle viruses, coughs, and colds.

1/21/19: How the Mastering Your Metabolism series will help you reach your health goals – with special guest Johnathan Carvajal, Optimal Performance Coach

1/7/19: How the Mastering Your Metabolism Series will help you reach your health goals.

12/3/18: How to keep a healthy mind, body, and spirit in the winter season. How to support SAD and holiday travel tips.

5/10/17: Thriving in Chaos