Doc Talk with Dr. Josie Schmidt ND



5/8/19: Upscale Your Massage Practice with doTERRA Essential Oils with special guest Denise Schroeder LMT


4/8/19: Protocols of Health Part II: How to Integrate into a Wellness Plan


3/11/19: Protocols of Health Part I with special guests Mica Carew ND LAc, and Louise Rose ND


2/11/19: Digesting Your Life: Essential Oils and Healthy Digestion through the Lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine with special guest acupuncturists Dr. Eric Baumgartner, Dana Schwartz, and David Watts


1/14/19: Living in Wellness: Daily Actions of Health: Step Fully into Your Metabolic Challenge with special guests Dr. Mica Carew LAc ND and Dr. Louise Rose ND




12/10/18: The Magic and Wisdom of Our Beloved Frankincense! with special guests Dr. Louise Rose ND and Dr. Mica Carew LAc ND


11/26/18: The Mysteries of Yarrow Pom with special guests Louise Rose, Mica Carew & Will Wan


10/10/18: Review and discuss the new oils, the science, and how to incorporate them into your Daily Wellness with special Doc friends


09/12/18: Current Contraindications and Myths of Essential Oils with special guest Vivian Engelson LAc


06/13/18: Drug Interactions and Safety with Essential Oils with special guest Mandy Biedenweg


05/09/18: Foundations of Internal Use with special guest Mandy Biedenweg


04/11/18: Essential Skincare: Beautiful Skin from the Inside Out with special guest Dr. JoDee Anderson MD


03/14/18: Adulteration, Toxicity, Isolated Constituents, and the Need for Purity in doTERRA’s CPTG with special guest Dr. Mica Carew




12/13/17: All About Frankincense with special guests Dr. Louise Rose ND & Dr. Mica Carew ND


11/08/17: Ayurvedic Medicine and Essential OilsPart 1 & Part 2 with special guest April Hansen


10/11/17: Reading Between the Lines of Cellular Health Incorporating the NEW OILS into Protocols & Pearls with special guest Dr. Louise Rose


09/13/17: Oils Released at Convention: Overview Part 1


08/09/17: Bio-Cellular Analysis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Neurochemistry, Emotional Aromatherapy, and many pearls


07/12/17: The Micro-Biome with special guest Dr. Rachel Gross-Hess


04/12/17: The dōTERRA Wellness Lifestyle Pyramid with Jamie Smith