Product Education

12/17/18Sugar Overload: How not to go off the deep end during the holidays! – with Amber Jane Arquette

9/26/18: Breakdown of some of the New Products from Convention: Kid’s Collection, Magnolia, Green Mandarin, Pink Peppercorn, Turmeric, and Yarrow/Pom – with Ariana Harley,  Dr. Louise Rose ND, & Dr. Mica Carew ND LAc

8/8/18:  Deep Dive into Litsea and Manuka – with Ariana Harley & Dr. Louise Rose ND

11/21/17: Essential Oils & Emotional Harmony: New Oils pt. II – with Ariana Harley

9/27/17: Emotional & Energetic Properties of Copaiba, Rose, & Neroli: New Oils pt. I – with Ariana Harley