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Visionary Leaders’ mission: to empower you to be a healer in your own home, earn income through serving others, transcend debt, and ultimately become overflowing in abundance, free to serve this precious world and everybody in it.

We welcome you to our doTERRA family and are delighted to support your journey of empowerment, philanthropy, and freedom!


Do you want to be healthy and empowered in your own wellness lifestyle?

Are you coachable, teachable and eager to learn?
Are you seeking a life of abundance and financial freedom?
Are you looking for something different – a life with greater meaning and purpose?
Do you want to join an inspiring & supportive community?
Are you interested in natural forms of healthcare?
Are you self-motivated, focused, goal- and service-oriented?
Are you ready to share your love, passion and inspiration?

If you answered “Yes“ to any of these questions, then don’t wait…


Are you ready to be


Visionary Leaders is made up of people who care about the empowerment & healing of individuals, communities, and our planet. We are here for you. We strive to create a positive culture of purpose and connection. We are passionate about supporting you with your success. We are generous in sharing our methods so you can build a thriving and abundant business with ongoing education and mentorship. Our collective goal is for you to quickly become confident and successful – and we strive to ensure each of us is living a positive, healthy life we love along the way.

Sound like your dream team?

When you join our community, you will receive:

  • connection to a passionate, positive and fun team who loves to celebrate and support your success

  • our custom, automated business training, teaching you how to build a thriving dōTERRA business, step by step

  • access to our exclusive Facebook support pages

  • live weekly training calls on both product and business

  • live monthly educational webinars

  • access to a complete archive of past calls and educational webinars

  • team incentives

  • personal development coaching

  • leadership training and retreats

Are you ready to change your life?

I love being a member of the Essential Wellness team founded by Aisha Harley. Her leadership in her business and with her team of Wellness Advocates has been inspirational, forward thinking and conducted with solid business savvy and experience. She is one of the founders of the monthly educational program series in Portland, Oregon for the customers on her team to further their education and knowledge about incorporating essential oils into their lives. I highly recommend considering the opportunity to work with Aisha; she has helped me grow my successful business with loving support and encouragement.
— Tracey Brown, Essential Wellness Advocate